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Rules for Giving, a malecentric novel

In 1971, teenaged Gavin Oliver and his girlfriend visited a California abortion clinic. Thirty-six years later, as Gavin grabs the brass ring of successful businessman, the secret of that day returns. 

Will you like Rules for Giving? If you're a woman, there is a love interest involved--a romance. There is also the controversial issue of abortion. The story raises questions about responsibility and guilt. 


But Rules for Giving also appeals to the fellas, the story of a middle-aged man trying to make right with his past, and to hold on to what he has worked hard to achieve. 

If you loved Up in the Air by Walter Kirn, or Sideways by Rex Pickett, then Rules for Giving is your novel--the perfect read. 

Rules for Giving, a malecentric novel


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Rules for Giving, a malecentric novel

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