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Having Patience

Rules for Giving

For three weeks the Kindle copy of Rules for Giving was up on Amazon by itself. We were having some issues getting the final version of the paperback approved (full disclosure: most of the issues were on my end). I was holding back on directing people to the Amazon page. Some of the feedback I was getting was that people were waiting for the paperback. As a marketer, the last thing you want to do is direct someone to a webpage that does not have what they want. There is a good chance they may not return.

Then last week things started happening. The paperback went up on Amazon, but it existed on a different page then did the Kindle version. This is another marketing problem, because even though the two products are on Amazon, the goal is to have them on the same page. You don’t want customers chasing around for product on the web. They’ll come across a site advertising, “Child Stars of the ’80s—Then and Now,” and you’ve lost them. (Another full disclosure, I look at those sites sometimes. Have you seen Punky Brewster lately?) I called CreateSpace and they assured me that the two pages would merge by the end of last week, which they did.

Then, early last week, two boxes came containing thirty copies of my novel. It was pretty damned exciting. Even the sullen teenager in my house smiled. There is another box with ten copies floating around out there in UPS-land. For the last week I’ve been selling and autographing copies. In the meantime, visit the Amazon page.

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