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No Cash to Buy My Novel? No Problem!

I try to carry some cash at all times. I have friends that live and die by their debit card, though. But there are times when only cash will do, and also those occasional establishments that charge you for using a debit card (something I hate to pay). Anticipating this as I was making plans for selling Rules for Giving , I shelled out the $29 so that I could use the Square.

The Square is an author’s best friend at a book signing, or any other time they can make a sale, if the buyer/future reader turns out to be one of those debit card people. Plug this little device into your cell phone, call up the app (which you can download for free) and swipe away. The money is deposited into your account within 48 hours. Besides your initial investment, there is a service charge of 2.5% of each purchase.

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