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Location Photos

Many of the locales and businesses mentioned in Rules for Giving actually exist. Browse through these photos to see the actual locations. 


The street entrance to the clubhouse at Brookside Golf & Country Club in Pasadena where Gavin plays golf.

Tee at Brookside

The tenth tee box at the Koiner Course at Brookside, where Gavin likes to play a quick nine holes on Friday mornings.

Starter's Hut, Brookside

The starter's hut at Brookside Golf & Country where Gavin turned in the knife he found.

Coffee Shop, Brookside

Inside the coffee shop at Brookside Golf & Country Club, where Gavin meets Rose.

Running Track at Brookside

The running track that parallels the golf course, where Gavin and Rose walk after meeting.

Parking lot at Brookside

The parking lot at Brookside Golf & Country Club, where Gavin first sees Rose, and where she later vomits on his feet.

Outside Patio, Brookside

The patio of Brookside Golf & Country Club. Unfortunately it is much too hot during the action that takes place in Rules for Giving for anyone to sit out here.

Twohey's, San Gabriel

Twohey's Restaurant in San Gabriel, where Gavin met Tilda in 1971.

Baseball field, Covina Park

The baseball diamond at Covina Park where a drunken Gavin watches Tilda from afar.

Walkers Path, Covina Park

The walking track at Covina Park, where Rose walks in the morning while staying with her grandfather.

Ontario Mills Food Court

The food court at Ontario Mills.

Ontario Mills Alcove

Just beyond the food court at Ontario Mills, where Gavin encounters Leo the Knuckle for the first time.

Ontario Tent City 3

People lived in tents, campers, RVs and even their cars at Tent City in Ontario, but it was someplace they could call home.

Ontario Tent City 1

Residents treated Tent City like home, sweeping and taking care of their pets. ...

Ontario Tent City 2

... and most were grateful for the stability of being able to sleep in the same place every night.

The Greeters Corner

The Greeter's Corner Restaurant in Laguna Beach, where Rose dines with Gavin and Lissa. For years the unofficial greeter of Laguna Beach was Eiler Larsen, a Danish vagabond. There are several businesses in the city that claim to be the location used by Larsen to greet visitors and residents alike.

Patio of The Greeters Corner

The patio of the Greeter's Corner, where diners are only yards from the Pacific Ocean.

Hunts Park, Laguna

A daytime view of the walkway to the overlook at Laguna Beach. This view is looking from Pacific Coast Highway towards the water.

Wedding area next to Laguna Outllook

From the overlook at Laguna Beach, you can look over to the wedding area and watch the celebrations, as did Gavin, Rose and Lissa.

Hunts Park at Night

As they turn from watching the wedding festivities, this is what Gavin, Lissa and Rose would see down the walkway. Minutes later they would meet Leo the Knuckle.

Hotel Laguna

The Hotel Laguna, where a shaken Gavin would pass by, escorted by Leo the Knuckle.

Lifeguard Tower at Laguna Beach

This iconic lifeguard tower at Laguna Beach stands not far from where Gavin, Lissa and Rose were with Leo.

Pasadena Craftsman 3

One of many craftsman-style residences in Pasadena. This one has been converted to a business, similar to the building that houses Becker Marketing & Advertising.

Pasadena Craftsman 1

Another craftsman-style house in Pasadena.

Roscoe's Chicken and waffles

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, where Gavin and Rose have breakfast, and the character of Steve of Lake enters the story.

Pasadena Hamburger Stand

A hamburger stand on Colorado Blvd., in Pasadena, similar to where Leo meets Gavin after the incident in Tony's restaurant.

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